Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goodbye mahallah sumayyah

so, i am officially moving out from mahallah sumayyah starting next week. bercampur-baur perasaan. sedih, happy, takut.

sedih: sebab kena tinggalkan tempat that i used to live in for 2 years
happy: sebab dapat mahallah yang tak payah naik bukit
takut: kalau dapat roommate tak best

definition of best in my dictionary is someone who is warm and sweet and can guide me to a right path. she need not to be the perfect BFF but she would have to know how to behave properly and of cos, not snobby.

i was hardly looking for any sumayyah's picture in my phone and i only found out this creepy study table of mine. 

my friend is very sad of my leaving and it makes me reluctant. oh dear, we'll sure still meet in aikol :'( but, why i'm leaving?

to be exact, there is no precise answer but this is unexpected plan and out of a sudden urge to try another breath in another place. why not? you have to spend FOUR years in UIA and that four years of your life shall not be wasted by just sitting and sleeping and walking and anything in just one place ^^V

that is why im planning to only live in mahallah safiyyah for only one year and move on to mahallah asiah for my fourth year. i know it's veryyy far away from my kuliyyah but, by that time, i can apply for the car sticker but i need to have a car first *i hope abah is reading this blog right now*

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