Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new blog


oh yes, the title even shows that this is not my 1st blog
i have two. the other one is p&c.
and this is maybe, for public. for those who want to read though
of course this is optional

for those who are still wondering, I am Siti Nurhafiza binti Shari
i am 20 years old this year. still more months to come before my birthday
so im still 19.. yes, i was born on disember
26th disember
so boring waiting for my birthday every year.

i am school leavers. i am jobless.
cuz im uni student
still learning in this world
and been blessed by Allah swt to learn in uia
not only worldly thingy but also hereafter..
insyaAllah.. i will learn since im here
cuz still a poor servant to Him

enough said.

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